connecting you to the Divine Within

A facilitator of Divine Healing

Assisting the Divine to awaken you to your Soul’s truth of who you are.

Calleen Russel

Intuitive Healer // owner



My 20+ years of experience working in hospice care has only magnified the gifts that I had since childhood. I have guided many people through their life transition to the other side, as well as help grieving families deal with the before, during and aftermath that comes with loosing a loved one.

Beyond my phychic intuitive and channeling gifts, I have always had a special connection to angel guides.

I have been called to step out and combine all my talents, gifts and years of experience to not only help and inspire others, but also to assist you in various facets of life.

How can
i serve


Whichever way you decide to work with me, you may experience feelings of uplifment, jouyousness, self-empowerment, connection with the divine and angel guides, strenghted intuitive senses, and the confidence to navigate through life fully aligned and balanced.