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I went to Calleen for a general healing. Something was off and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I had known Calleen for some years and trusted she would know what I needed through her deep connection. And she did. I was feeling listless and unsettled when I went to her and I left feeling light and full of love. A healing with Calleen was just what I needed to get back into alignment. Working with Calleen is now regular maintenance, like a tune up for your car, only a tune up for your spirit.

Liza Jane Wolf

Sue Lamberston

"Calleen's intuition was spot on and she has a lovely & caring energy about her. I would recommend trying a session with her - you will not be disappointed. ”

“Amazing Divine healing Circle. Absolutely grounding & growing experience!”

Jodie Westgate

“I had a beautiful virtual healing session with Calleen a few days ago. The healing energy was powerful. It was as if I was sitting right next to her. She has a calm and peaceful way of communicating what I needed to heal during the session. It was such a beautiful experience. I felt so much lighter when it was over...and I still do!! I highly recommend Calleen.”
Liza Baranzano Halpin
“I am so blessed to have been brought together with this amazing woman. Calleen is so welcoming and peaceful! She already knew what I needed before I arrived. She is absolutely gifted! Her energy is pure LOVE! It was an awesome and beautiful experience! Thank you Calleen!”
Joanna Maragos Pantazes
“Our session brought an energy filled with love and joy so strong it brought me to absolute tears of happiness. She showed me how to get back into alignment with my souls purpose and I am happy to announce I still am in this state of joy and consistently rising my energy with each breath I take.”
Tina Zeller
“I received a distance reiki session from Calleen yesterday. It was an amazingly relaxing and insightful session. Calleen was able to tune into certain areas and issues that I was having and helped release those blockages. Her intuition was spot on and she has a lovely & caring energy about her. I would recommend trying a session with her - you will not be disappointed. ”
Sue Lambertson

Denise Carlton Palmer

"I recently had a healing and activation session with Calleen. We went over past lives which was very enlightening. I learned about my spirit guide who was present during my session. I was quite intrigued with how informative and professional Calleen was. I could feel the energy flowing through me as the healing progressed. She was very thorough and explained everything that was going on. She pointed out blockages as she cleared them while she reminded me to continue breathing. She told me what to expect afterwards and also followed up later that day just to see how I was feeling! she told me that I may feel tired because she cleared a lot of energy and that it may take two to three days to feel better. Calleen is very receptive and goes above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable and well informed about the process. I highly recommend her services. she's the real deal! as a matter of fact I just signed up for her mentorship program! I am looking forward to my spiritual journey. With a mentor like Colleen and my "sidekicks" AKA my angels and Spirit guides this is going to be a hoot!! As spirit said....Welcome aboard the spiritual train. your ride is about to leave the station!' ”