The Divine Whispers of the Rose


Every full moon, you’ll join a healing sisterhood, live, online and awaken to the Way of the Rose.

Each month, we’ll focus on one of three roses and its teachings.

This three month cycle will repeat four times a year.

August: Pink Rose 

Core Teaching: Unconditional love & gratitude  


September: White Rose 

Core Teaching: Purity of heart & mind 


October: Red Rose

Core Teaching: Passion



On our 3-month journey together, we start off with the White Rose, bringing in the higher vibrational frequencies of Mother Mary and the Angelic realm to assist in clearing and purifying our energetic body through the higher chakras 

Then month 2 we move to the Pink Rose working with Lady Nada the queen of Atlantis. We are now bringing these frequencies down into our heart space activating the rose codes of self-love, self-value, and self-esteem.

Month 3 the Red Rose with the assistance and frequencies of Mary Magdalene. We bring in the energy down through the higher chakras and into the heart and activate and anchor the Rose light codes into the lower chakras. 

This is the embodiment of the ROSE. 

It takes us deeply into our Divine self.

During this 3-month journey together in our sacred temple space, you will start to release old stories and aspects of your past that you may have brought in at a soul level or inherited through your genetic line.

The 1st week is the ceremony and activation and blessing of the rose light codes. Each temple circle will be about 90 mins. 

Then 2 weeks after we will have an integration temple space, where we come together and share anything that we are experiencing in a safe loving space where we are witnessed and supported.

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