I’ve done Healing work for many lifetimes. In my current life I have guided others in their death and dying journeys along with their families, that’s when my abilities really started awakening. 

My inner knowing has always been strong, but my other sense channels started opening a few years ago. And now I have been strongly guided to help others work with their energy, reawaken their own abilities, and become their own healer within.

Working with


Each session is divinely inspired by Spirit. Calleen accesses her many gifts and healing modalities to assist you in your own personal healing journey, opening you to your Divine gifts.

Group Offerings

Divine healing temple circle

Each Circle has a unique and divinely guided theme. All circles are based in the energy of love and healing.

In-person Divine Temple Circles:  Durning our time together, we will share sacred space with Calleen and other like-minded souls like we did in ancient times. Each temple circle is Divinely guided and will be taking you through a sacred journey and activation. You will be immersed in the holy oils/crystals filling our space along with the sacred sounds of the Tibetan and Crystal bowls as well as the beautiful sounds of the heart-healing gong and other soul-nourishing sounds. You will be awakened to the way of love at your own soul’s level. You will leave knowing something magical just happened.

The virtual circle will be pretty much the same language. I will be transmitting the frequency of the holy oils if you don’t have your own.

The Rose & The Flame

Join us for a transformative 3-month container where Calleen Russell from Divine Whispers and Rose Mulroney from Firepit Priestess, two modern day priestesses, come together to share divine wisdom that will nourish your soul. This special experience aims to awaken the innate knowledge that resides within you, unlocking the profound light codes of wisdom embedded in your soul. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we delve into the depths of your inner sacredness.

Rose temple circles

Divine Whispers of the Rose is a 3-month journey through the frequencies of the Rose. The Intention of this Sacred container is for you to be fully empowered to re-awaken and reclaim your unique rose light codes.

As you open up to receive these blessings of your light codes you will experience an energetic shift within. It will assist with clearing, purifying and raising your vibrations.

Chakra circles

Chakras are sacred chambers in the temple of your body. Imagine having clarity in what you want out of life, then the foresight on how to achieve that. Imagine having the self-assurance, balance and confidence to live a life free of energetic blocks that hold you back.

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Special events

Home temple circles

IN PERSON: at Calleen and Lou’s home temple event is a 3-hour experience under the energies of the full moon.

It’s a powerful time to release what is no longer serving you, set your intentions on what will serve you, and your greatest and higher good, within a fire ceremony.  You will be taken through a guided journey with the art of sacred sound and anointing with the holy oils.

 There’s sure to be tears and lots of laughter as well!  Come be around like-mined souls and bask in all of the high vibrational frequencies.     

Individual Services

Divine healing session

Each session is divinely inspired by Spirit. Calleen accesses her many gifts and healing modalities to assist you in your own personal healing journey, opening you to your Divine gifts.

Energy coaching

My clients learn to heal, restore, and empower their energy. You have a divine gift and resource within your being. Through energy coaching with me you will learn to:

Ground your energy in your body and in connection with earth element, practice somatic meditation techniques that include breathing, energy exercises, and movement, allow your Higher Self to be fully experienced, Expand your awareness, focus, and attention skills, Create healthy boundaries for clarity and purpose, and so much more!

Sound therapy healing session

1-hour sound therapy session. You will receive a chakra clearing and activation, along with Angelic Reiki, Crystal healing and channelled Guidance, all while being in a beautiful temple space.  

Valentine Special Sacred Healing

February Only! Sacred Healing Session For Couples

Partners, Galentines, Friends, Family – All Welcome

Love is in the air! Enjoy a beautiful special healing session for you and your love. You Both Will Receive a sacred healing session with my love and me with the frequencies of sacred sound, crystals and anointing oils. All in a beautiful high vibrational sacred Loving space. Also, a Love Medicine Bag that includes a holy oil, a crystal, and yummy chocolates.  

Healing Guidance Packages

Life guidance package

Focusing on shifting the energy in your life by identifying what is not working for you and creating something that does! Helping you with areas such as:  Energetic Vibration, Removing Blocks, Law of Attraction, Personal Empowerment, Creating Abundance, etc.

Healing transitions package

Primarily focusing on helping those dealing with death & dying, and navigating the transition process. Assistant in the before, during, & after phases. Helping people cope with grief & emotional trauma while your loved one transitions.

Divine whispers of the Rose program

Awaken to the energy of the sacred Rose within. She has been waiting for you. Can you hear her call?

Energy healing Techniques. This is a Sacred experience, It is a deep dive throughout your Chakras. 

We will be clearing out any old trama that may be holding you back from living your true self.

We will be anointing holy oils, you will awaken the Sacred energies in your body that have been lying dormant for years and even past lifetimes. We will be activating Sacred gifts that you may have forgotten and bringing them back to life.