Work With Me

I’ve done healing work for many lifetimes. In my current life I have guided others in their death and dying journeys along with their families, that’s when my abilities really started awakening. My inner knowing has always been strong, but my other sense channels started opening more than years ago. And now I have been strongly guided to help others work with their energy, reawaken their own abilities, and become their own healer within. Each session is divinely inspired by Spirit.

Individual Offerings

Sacred Healing Session – Online

During our individual session, I will begin by creating a sacred space to facilitate a healing environment. We will then have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or areas in your life where you are seeking guidance. I will channel divine guidance and healing energies to assist you on your journey.

Following this, we will transition into a ceremonial space where we will work together to clear any energies that may be blocking you from reaching your true potential. Through a series of activations and rituals, we will call upon the energies of our healthy further support your healing and spiritual growth.

Sacred Healing Session – In-Person

In these sacred healing sessions, I create a deeply conducive environment by invoking the cardinal directions, welcoming the angelic realm, and honoring our wise and benevolent ancestors. Through the use of sacred sound, oils, and crystals, I assist clients in removing energy blockages that may hinder their progress and well-being. By clearing these obstacles, we pave the way for the activation of innate sacred gifts, allowing them to resurface and flourish as we release old, stagnant energies that no longer serve us.

I offer in-person sessions lasting 1 or 2 hours, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals for healing and transformation. Together, we will work closely to address any challenges you may be facing and to unlock your inner potential for growth and self-discovery.

Group Offerings

The Rose & The Flame

Available online.

Join us for a transformative 3-month container where Calleen Russell from Divine Whispers and Rose Mulroney from Firepit Priestess, two modern day priestesses, come together to share divine wisdom that will nourish your soul. This special experience aims to awaken the innate knowledge that resides within you, unlocking the profound light codes of wisdom embedded in your soul. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we delve into the depths of your inner sacredness.

Divine Whispers of the Rose

Available online.

Divine Whispers of the Rose is a 3-month journey through the frequencies of the Rose. The Intention of this Sacred container is for you to be fully empowered to re-awaken and reclaim your unique rose light codes.

As you open up to receive these blessings of your light codes you will experience an energetic shift within. It will assist with clearing, purifying and raising your vibrations.

Temple of Sound

Available in person only.

During these two-hour, in-person sessions, we delve into the transformative world of sound healing. Aptly named the “Divine Temple of Sound Healing,” these sessions are designed to create a sacred space where participants can experience deep healing and spiritual connection.

Together, we will establish a sacred container by invoking the directions and calling upon divine assistance and protection. I will guide you through energy exercises to help you tune in and prepare for the ceremony. We will then venture into ceremonial space, where I will lead you on a guided meditation through your energy centers, clearing away any blockages and activating them with the power of sacred sound.

In addition to sound healing, we will enhance the experience by incorporating high-quality essential oils to further open up our senses and create a harmonious environment. The healing properties of crystals will surround us, amplifying the energy and deepening our connection to the divine.

To conclude our session, we will ground ourselves by drawing oracle cards and sharing insights with the group. This collective experience allows for reflection, connection, and further spiritual growth.

I wholeheartedly believe that these sessions will provide you with a profound healing experience and a deeper connection to your inner self. I invite you to join us at the divine temple and embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Home temple circles

IN PERSON: at Calleen and Lou’s home temple event is a 3.5-hour experience under the energies of the full moon.

It’s a powerful time to release what is no longer serving you, set your intentions on what will serve you, and your greatest and higher good, within a fire ceremony.  You will be taken through a guided journey with the art of sacred sound and anointing with the holy oils.

There’s sure to be tears and lots of laughter as well!  Come be around like-mined souls and bask in all of the high vibrational frequencies.   

Package Offerings

Ancestral healing ceremonial package

Over the course of ten weeks, participants will embark on a transformative experience where Participants will explore and work on setting boundaries, honoring our ancestors, and engaging in reparative work. Each week, we will delve into different aspects of ancestral healing, allowing for a comprehensive and enriching exploration of this important work.

As part of the program, participants will receive a specially crafted annoiting oil, called Ancestral Healing Blend, designed to support and enhance the ceremonial journey. This personally created blend aims to aid in the healing process and serve as a tool for connecting with ancestral energy and guidance.

Throughout the program, we will focus on connecting with our ancestral guides, honoring the spirits of our predecessors, and accepting the gifts they offer us. Through these practices, participants will have the opportunity to engage in deep healing, profound connection, and personal growth.

Life guidance package

Focusing on shifting the energy in your life by identifying what is not working for you and creating something that does! Helping you with areas such as:  Energetic Vibration, Removing Blocks, Law of Attraction, Personal Empowerment, Creating Abundance, etc.

Healing transitions package

Primarily focusing on helping those dealing with death & dying, and navigating the transition process. Assistant in the before, during, & after phases. Helping people cope with grief & emotional trauma while your loved one transitions.