I invite you on this rose journey. It’s time to reclaim your birthright and start to uncover your gifts.

You are a Divine Being

It’s time to start living the life you desire and shine that beautiful light of yours.

Do you feel stuck or blocked on your life path and know there is more to life than the way you have been feeling and doing things?

The same old patterns keep showing up in your day-to-day life and you want to break free of this stagnate way of being.

Ready to change your life?

Divine Whispers of the rose is a 3-month journey through the frequencies of the rose. The Intention of this Sacred container is for you to be fully empowered to re-awaken and reclaim your unique rose light codes.


It’s time to reconnect with the energy of the rose. The more you open to the rose the more you receive her medicine. The ROSE has medicine for all of us. She is always speaking to us. As you are reading these words perhaps the energy of the rose has been calling you!!

This journey is a feminine container. It is all about receiving the light-rose-codes into your body. As you open up to receive these blessings of your light codes you will experience an energetic shift within. It will assist with clearing, purifying, and raising your vibrations.

Each rose has its own frequencies the white, pink, and red rose makes up the energies of ROSA MYSTIC.

Are you ready to awaken the truth of who you are on a soul level?

I have been called to assist others in the remembrance of who they truly are, awaken their rose codes and start walking their unique path with the rose. This is done in the most simplistic of ways.

If you feel the calling of the rose (it’s an instinctual, gut feeling, tap into it) this program is for you.

Be open to receiving.  It really is that simple.

Client Experiences

In these times of confusion/anger and sadness Calleen was able to guide me to tune it out! I have the power to rise above it and to focus my energy on rising above and shining my spirit bright with love and joy once again. Our session brought an energy filled with love and joy so strong it brought me to absolute tears of happiness. She showed me how to get back into alignment with my souls purpose and I am happy to announce I still am in this state of joy and consistently rising my energy with each breath I take. I have refocused my intentions in my life and once again feel my purpose and more importantly my love path.

Tina Zeller

I love being a part of the healing circles. Being in a group of spiritually like minded people is soul strengthening! I LOVE the studio. You can feel the positive energy as soon as you walk in, you are so welcoming. Your voice is soothing, the singing bowls are amazing. I feel completely blissed out whenever I’ve participated in the healing circles. My private sessions have been exceptional! I never want them to end. I love the use of crystals, oils, and cards along with your connection to spirit! It is in deed Divine.

Debbie Stock

Calleen’s studio gives divine peace the minute you walk in. So much love and thanks to Calleen for the amazing healing session. My soul has not felt this light in a long time. Do yourself a favor and book a session!

Liz Cajigal

My experience yesterday was amazing. Calleen is so connected! I received some vivid visions during the chakra clearing and some beautiful messages through her and spirit. The gifts and advice were just perfect. No better way to spend my birthday! Thank you for allowing me to share the blessings.

Melissa Wilkinson

My first experience with Calleen was a women’s healing circle. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed something. I had lived with pain and guilt, to the point of PTSD for years. I didn’t even know myself anymore. You could tell she put a lot of thought and effort into organizing the event. I won’t go into detail, but the night was magical and sacred, for me it was a life changing event. I left that night feeling better than I had in years, and ready to be alive again…one word…WOW!!

Sarah Jo Briggs

The Divine Whispers of the Rose 


Activating you unique rose light codes

The rose lineage is of an ancient origin and can be traced all the way back to the stars.

Birthed through the Great Mother Sophia the feminine aspects of our Creator/Divine/Source/ That Unconditional loving energy. The mother of the universe is embodied through the star Venus and Sirius, to the initial star seeding of mother earth. The rose lineage spirals from ancient civilizations of Atlantis, and incarnated in the middle east, Egypt, Europe and into the holy isle of Avalon, through to the present day. Re-activating the Divine blueprint of humanity all across the globe.

The beauty of the rose is an energetic pathway home. It is our navigation system.

The rose gives us a sense of well-being, it is the key to freedom, and it opens all layers of our true vibration.

There is no limit to the healing power of the rose.

The White Rose

On our 3-month journey together, we start off with the white rose, bringing in the higher vibrational frequencies of Mother Mary and the Angelic realm to assist in clearing and purifying our energetic body through the higher chakras.

The Pink Rose

Then month 2 we move to the pink rose working with Lady Nada the queen of Atlantis. We are now bringing these frequencies down into our heart space activating the rose codes of self-love, self-value, and self-esteem.

The Red Rose

Month 3 the red rose with the assistance and frequencies of Mary Magdalene. We bring in the energy down through the higher chakras and into the heart and activate and anchor the rose light codes into the lower chakras.

This is the embodiment of the Rose.
It takes us deeply into our Divine self.

During this 3-month journey together in our sacred temple space, you will start to release old stories and aspects of your past that you may have brought in at a soul level or inherited through your genetic line.



Divine Whispers of the Rose – 3 month container


  • Access to a private Facebook community group: Stay connected with your fellow rose sisters and myself as well as new members who join throughout the years. This group will serve as a supportive space for ongoing connection and growth.
  • Weekly Facebook live check-ins: Engage in weekly guidance, have your questions answered, and receive support through our regular live sessions. These gatherings will provide guidance and nourishment for your journey.
  • A beautiful eBook: Embrace the sacred geometry of the rose, infused with powerful frequencies. This ebook will be a valuable resource for our monthly work, including prayers and blessings. You can use this as a crystal grid as well!
  • Soul-level awakening: Through our journey together, you will awaken to the profound truth of who you are at a soul level. Experience deep self-discovery and transformation.

We will be gathering twice a month for 3 months. If you cannot attend live don’t worry, you will be held and called in as if you were with us because your beautiful energy will be with us. As a matter of fact, as soon as you say yes to your soul’s calling you will be held in the loving healing energy of the rose (everyone will be sent the replay). 

“I’m in! Where do I sign up?”

 Your Heart Investment

full payment of:


If you pay in full you will receive a 30 minute rose reading with Calleen.

3 payments of:


Direct debit – paid monthly on the same date each month for 3 months

This journey is about releasing, purifying and embodying your rose light codes…

…so that you can come into alignment with your higher self, hear your divine whispers, and act on your higher guidance.

As the rose light codes start to flow in and anchor into your body with grace and ease, you will start to really open up to your divine purpose and destiny and radiate your light from the inside out.

It’s time to embody the truth of who we are at a soul level. The time is now! We are here to weave the sacred back into our everyday life. 

The Process


Each month we will gather together in a sacred temple circle (via zoom).

A temple is a place that we designate as sacred. It is a place where you are welcomed and loved just the way you are, it’s a place where your wounds are tended to. it’s a place where the soul feels at home. it’s a portal away from everyday life, it allows us to drop out of the busyness of our ego mind and into our heart and hear and feel our soul’s language.

Something happens when we drop out of the mind and consent thinking we become present, there is a gift in the presence that is profound.

What creates a temple space is the calling in of the Divine, the Intention and blessings within the space. It’s about lighting the candles and inhaling the holy oils and devotion to our soul’s calling.


The 1st week is the ceremony and activation and blessing of the rose light codes. Each temple circle will be about 90 mins.

The week following, we will have an integration temple space, where we come together and share anything that we are experiencing in a safe loving space where we are witnessed and supported.

This journey of the Divine Whispers of the rose is as powerful as the words you hear. It is through the energy you feel, there are so many things that cannot be spoken but can be felt. Be open to receive not only the words but more intently, the feeling, it’s an energetic gift.