Awakening the Way of the Rose

Full Moon Rose Circles

Live, online with Calleen

You’re invited to monthly live, online Full Moon Rose Circles.

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Every full moon offers a beautiful opportunity to gather together with other women and experience the healing frequency of the rose.

This special and transformative experience will help you remove energetic blocks that prevent you from feeling and embodying unconditional love. 

This clears the way for you to live a full life of passion, purpose, and joy.

Each of us hold the seed of the rose, it lies dormant until the moment we choose to awaken nurture and grow our capacity to embody love.

During the global pandemic, many women have felt deeply disconnected from themselves, their intuition, inner power, community, and Spirit.

This has caused a sense of confusion and self-doubt about career choices, financial security, well-being, family, friendships, and spirituality. It has touched every area of life.
One thing we have all learned is that we’re in a state of constant change. 

And that can feel unsettling. 

Perhaps you relate…

You might even be wondering who you are, now, after all the unknowns of the  past year.

You’re not alone. 

And this is why it’s so important for us women to be together, in a safe space, where we can be fully accepted (exactly as we are), share about life, receive deep support, and feel a sense of renewed hopefulness. 
When you gather during the full moon rose circles, you’ll remember your innate worthiness, your inner peace, and how to connect to Spirit—all in the presence of a loving sisterhood.

Breathe in & reconnect to the divine essence of the rose.

Every full moon, you’ll join a healing sisterhood, live, online and awaken to the Way of the Rose.
Each month, we’ll focus on one of three roses and its teachings.
This three month cycle will repeat four times a year.

About the Roses

Click on the roses to read a bit about the focus of each circle.

Core Teaching: Unconditional love & gratitude

Core Teaching: Purity of heart & mind

Core Teaching: Passion

Full Moon Rose Circles will give you an opportunity to feel nurtured, worthy, accepted and above all, loved.

When you join, you’ll have an embodiment experience of the frequency of the rose, which will support you to:

  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Purify & clear any energetic blocks that hold you back from truly living a passionate life
  • Experience feeling worthy of claiming your birthright—which is the lineage of the sisterhood of the rose 

Nurture & heal your heart

Heart Investment

Take the next step to live a divine life and trust your intuition!

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Best Value: Join for 3 months and receive all 3 Rose frequencies

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Awaken to the Way of the Rose

The Way of the Rose is about inviting the healing spirit of the divine into your heart, so that you can live a fully expressed, passionate life. 

As you receive the unique teachings of each rose (pink, white, and red), you’ll begin to understand that you’re already whole. 

You don’t have to try to be anyone different from who you truly are. 

You’re already enough. 

The Way of the Rose is a bridge to experiencing and embodying more freedom, grace, and union. 

You’ll reconnect to Spirit and illuminate your innate gifts. 

Let us awaken our sacred gifts & bring them to the world. Let us live a life in full color.

Meet Calleen

Calleen is a spiritual lifeguide, intuitive energy healer, sacred circle facilitator, a bridge from heaven to Earth and a channel of unconditional love.

It is so important to participate in sacred ceremony choose to gift this to yourself.

Calleen offers Healing services to awaken your passion for life so that you can really start living in color and see and feel the world around you as it was meant to be experienced.

Calleen Russell: Connecting you to the divine within

Feeling unsure how to connect to your intuition? These rose circles will be a safe & gentle way for you to explore this connection.

with Each circle, you will:

  • Enter the frequency of unconditional love—through the pink, white, or red rose 
  • Purify & clear your energetic blocks—to feel more hopefulness & peace  
  • Step into your passion—so you experience a life in full color  
  • Claim your birthright—by joining the Sisterhood of the Rose
  • clear any limiting beliefs holding you back – so that you can live to your highest potential in your divine life
  • learn to ground yourself and your chakras

Have questions? We have answers

Each circle will take place on the week of the full moon that month at 7:00pm EST.

Once you purchase the circle/s,  will receive an email with the specific date and time. 

All full moon circles will be recorded, and emailed to you after the live, so that you can access the live recording at your convenience.

The Full Moon Rose Circles are for any women who are ready to return to love and remember who they truly are on a soul level.

Then these circles would be perfect for you.

It is a safe space to learn, begin to understand your spiritual journey and grow.

Activate your rose heart and download the rose codes of unconditional love. When you are ready the rose whispers to your heart.

Activate purity of heart and mind. Get ready to download the rose codes of Peace.

Activate the passion within. Get ready to download the Rose codes of your Divinity.